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Eating 1300 calories a day to lose weight fast

If you are asking yourself “how many calories should I eat a day to lose weight“, here you will get a perfect answer.

How many calories a day in a weight loss lemonade diet?

how many calories should I eat a dayWhen on a 1300 calorie lemonade diet, you need to be careful on the beverages you use. You should not take more than a cup of coffee. You should take it in the morning and it should be either black or with a sweetener, which absolutely does not have any calories. However, it is advisable to stick to just water and green tea, since it will hydrate your body during the period of weight loss. Avoid daily intake of diet soda, since it will lead to dehydration of your body and bloating.

Overly processed foods are a big no, if you are on a 1300 calorie diet. Instead go for whole or organic foods. Whole grains and healthy fat as well as food that would give you the much needed 45% protein is a perfect balance. In addition, indulge yourself freely in vegetables and fruits.

However, you can treat yourself to a little bit of chocolate, chips or even cookies. But this should be strictly only once in a week. Resist the temptation of overdoing it. This will help you immensely in your losing weight goal.

Many people on a diet fall into the trap of thinking that skipping meals will help matters. It won’t. Although meals are just as important, you should never skip breakfast. Skipping a meal will cause much hunger, thereby resulting to eating beyond the required limit at the next meal. To learn more about how many calories to eat a day if you want to lose weight, watch this video

For the 1,300 calorie meal plan to give successful results, you should eat regularly on a steady schedule. You can cut each of your meals into two. You, therefore, eat six times instead of the normal three. Regular intake of food goes a long way in ensuring that your body metabolizes perfectly while you still keep full.


Can You Lose Weight On A Low Calorie Lemonade Diet?

Exercise is not always the best way of losing weight, so today we will look at a low calorie lemonade diet for weight loss.

Even though exercising daily is a great way of maintaining the weight after loss if included in the weight-loss program.

How many calories should you eat a day to lose weight on the lemonade diet?

counting calories to lose weightYou actually have to eat more than 1,000 calories every day in order to lose 1 or 2 pounds in one week. Nevertheless, you can easily lose those extra pounds without breaking a sweat. It is safe for women who are inactive and weigh less than 165 pounds to take diets containing 1,000 calories every day.

However active women as well as men have to take not less than 1,300 calories for them to lose weight safely as well as successfully. The diet should contain 45% protein. Apart from lessening the chances of having to deal with hunger pangs, a 1,300 calorie diet will eliminate any chance of being fatigued or dizzy. This will go a long way in helping to lose those extra pounds in the body, as well as keep you healthy.

Weight losers eating food containing only 1,000 calories may have problems concentrating and experience nausea. The best and safest rate of getting rid of extra weight is to lose 1 to 2 pounds every week. You should cut your present food intake by 500 calories. For instance, if you take 2,000 calories a day, you should trim down to between 1000 and 1500. Therefore a 1300 calorie meal plan is a perfect choice. In this way, you will achieve more results and lose weight faster. The video below shows in detail how many calories a woman ate daily to lose 70 pounds in 4 and half months.